An inspiration deck for watercolor artists

“There are so many good ideas here. This deck is excellent for intermediate and advanced painters. I could see how I could grow on my own using the Art Sparks deck.” -Linda Rinearson, co-founder of the Newton Watercolor Society

What is Art Sparks?

Do you ever feel stuck and can’t seem to start painting? 

Or after reading one of your wonderful art books filled with ideas, do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Similar feelings were the impetus for the Art Sparks Inspiration Deck. The Art Sparks deck is a tool that simplifies your choices and can serve as a catalyst to get you painting again and exploring in new directions.


Art Sparks is a pack of painting prompts to inspire even the most seasoned watercolor painters to explore new ideas and to challenge and improve their painting practice. 

Use Art Sparks to: